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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Am On My Way!

So...I get to the airport this morning. Bright and early, 5AM. Rearing to go. Check in, play-using my Spanish, acting the part, rocking the Martinez (yes, my dad's puertoriqueno)... STOP!

Since I have a one-way ticket, the country of Ecuador is going to send me back @ customs b/c I can't show proof of passage out. Rio two months later.... nope not good enough?!?! So I state my case to the Lan airlines ladies (and men) and they tell me @ the counter that I have to buy a return ticket just for customs to let me into country and so, since it's refundable (and fake...) they book it in biz class, we all have a good laugh (Marie Elena's "fake" ticket blah blah) and I move on. I'm now...boarding.

Am I going to have the time of my life or what?? :) Xoxoxo

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